How come I can’t find my pants? – My ADHD Gets the Better of Me

Late one night, after blogging, I was getting ready for bed. I went into the bedroom to find a pair of pajama pants using my phone as a light careful not to wake up my wife. I grabbed what I though was a certain pair and brought them into the bathroom placing them on the counter.

When I was finished using the toilet, I left the bathroom to do something else and almost forgot to return to put on my pants. After pacing around the house for a bit wondering what I was going to do, I noticed that I was still wearing my jeans. “Oh yeah,” I thought, “I need to put on my pajama pants.”

So, I went back into the bathroom to change, and I wondered who had put my hoodie sweatshirt on the counter. I dismissed this thought for the next day when I would be able ask my wife. I then noticed that I couldn’t find my pants. Hunting high and low for those darn things for at took up least my next 10 minutes, getting more frustrated as I went. I must have looked in the same places at least 10 times sometimes forgetting that I had already looked there. And sometimes it was because I needed to reassure myself that it wasn’t there. And sometimes it was just getting stuck in a pattern. It finally dawned on me that I had put the hoodie on the counter thinking it was the pants. I, then, had to go down to the basement to retrieve a different pair of pajama pants from the dryer. Bringing the clothes upstairs was a task that I had been procrastinating on, leaving it for the next day.

I still have no idea where the original sought for pair of pants are. And the hoodie I left in the bathroom to wear the next day was replaced by a fleece, because I forgot that I had wanted to wear it the next day. The hoodie still sits on the back of a chair waiting to be worn. But now it has been sat on by a cat so much, I have to put it in the wash. I probably won’t wear it again till the fall.

Now how could I have handled this situation better?

  • I’m guessing that a better organized system of clothes storage could be implemented. (Actually I know it would.)
  • I could have a better going to bed routine set up.
  • I would be able have gotten my pajama pants ready earlier before my wife had gone to bed.
  • I would be able have had gone to bed earlier, since people with ADHD particularly need more sleep.
  • I could have taken a pause and some deep breaths so I could maybe think my way through it. This is important with ADHD, because slowing yourself down, no matter how hard it is for us, is pivotal.

This is just the first of a long, long line of experiences that having ADHD has caused. I’m hoping your somehow found it as comical as I do- especially retelling it days alter.

I would love to hear you comments and advice below. If your have and crazy ADHD stories your would like to tell, feel free to do so below. I look forward to reading them.

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